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Gutter Repairs

If they are starting to pull away from the roof
Gutters that have come loose from their clips or screws are in danger of falling down. The good news is you can get away with replacing the sections that are affected, rather than the entire guttering system.
If they are uneven
 “Slouching” gutters will affect the downhill run of the rainwater, causing it to pool rather than flow toward the downspouts. If you only notice one uneven area, swapping out two or three gutter pieces will do the trick; but you’re better off replacing everything if your gutters look like a roller coaster.
If you see rust or cracks
Water can leak through cracks or holes caused by rust, so it’s best to take down the gutters that have rust spots on them and put up new ones (unless the rust is present throughout your gutter system). Otherwise, your gutters will allow water to spill onto the ground next to your home.
If you see rot or peeling paint on your exterior walls
This is an indication that the water is squeezing between the gutters and your roof and dripping down your walls; if left unchecked, mold or leaky indoor walls can result. Unless the rot or peeling paint is prevalent all around your home, switching out a few gutter pieces should suffice.
If you see pooling water
 When gutters aren’t working properly, runoff water overflows and drips (or pours) onto the ground below. One or more puddles of water after a storm may indicate that you need replacement gutters in the area above the pooling.
If your basement floods
Overflowing water may seep into your basement instead of puddling on the ground. In fact, the top cause of flooded basements is malfunctioning gutters. In this case, it is usually best if you replace all of your gutters on your home.